Business Solutions Consulting

When we take on a new client, we don’t just apply a template we’ve used in the past, we actually take the time to listen to what the client has to say and then make recommendations that will actually help solve the challenges of the business at hand. We are leaders, not followers, and our passion for creating solutions for real problems guides us—in new process and technology implementation, in providing knowledgeable advice, and in every step of our relationships with our clients.

Has this happened to you? You are working with a technology solution provider that you researched online. They say a lot of good things, and the product seems like it can do the job, but you know how unique your business is and you’re skeptical. You’re a great business person, and you don’t want to make a possible career-ending technology purchase at your company. So, you ask yourself those gnawing caution-fueled questions “Is their product really the right one for my business? Are they just trying to sell me this product because it’s all they have to offer? How does this product truthfully compare to other products in the market? How will that technology product integrate with other software products that we may need?” The truth is, it’s almost impossible to get an objective answer from the product vendor directly.

Worry no more! By engaging with the vendor-neutral experts at VesuvITas, we will advise you on the right strategy for YOUR business without bias toward specific vendors. We don’t have sales quotas, so we aren’t obligated to any suppliers. We find the best technology solutions and recommend them for you based on knowledge of the product, understanding your business drivers, and your overall corporate vision and culture. VesuvITas was founded by business consultants who have come from the business side of organizations previously in their careers. We understand the challenges brought by trying to wade through the vast number of technologies available. With technology advancing more and more rapidly, there is no better time than now to lean on an experienced team that was founded to be an advocate for your business.

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