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VesuvITas is a 3rd party, independent, contact center and customer experience consulting firm.

We will evaluate your people, processes, and technology across the enterprise, creating the blueprint necessary to flawlessly execute the vision of your company.

We Listen, Lead, & Design Optimized Customer Experiences.

COVID-19 Business Guidance: We're here to help.

Information, guidance, and solutions to help navigate the business and customer experience impacts of COVID-19


The VesuvITas Difference

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Over 30 years, we’ve developed processes to enable deployment success, user adoption, and customer engagement. Our experience will teach you which products work best under your circumstances in your business vertical.

We provide short-term tactical solutions and couple that with a solid long-term strategic roadmap as a part of a holistic technology assessment. Our focus is on your customer interactions, customer experience, cybersecurity with an eye towards constant and never-ending improvement.

Let the experts at VesuvITas partner with your business to shorten the time to execute, lower resources investment, reduce deployment time, and in some cases can even prevent those career-ending technology purchase decisions.

Recent Blog

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How Five9 is Innovating with Google Cloud to help with COVID-19 Helping your customers during this time of disruption presents many challenges as well as opportunities. Whether your organization has been severely or mildly impacted by the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, you have likely found that it is more important than ever to keep your customers updated on changes to your business as your organization works to adapt to the new environment in which we are all ...

Talkdesk Covid-19

Talkdesk enables remote working environments for front-line customer service staff, now more crucial than ever to succeed in a rapidly changing world   Talkdesk Now deploys a cloud contact center solution in as little as 24 hours Talkdesk Mobile Agent converts any mobile device into an agent call desk Talkdesk Boost moves contact centers to the cloud within 15 days, ...


During these challenging times when companies are having difficulty earning revenues and laying off employees, allow VesuvITas to assist your business in reducing operational costs.  By leveraging lower-cost quality solutions, your businesses can retain your valuable employees.  If your business could benefit from the expertise of VesuvITas, please register here for a free technology solutions assessment. TEM: Telecom Expense Management ...